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Why .5?

"Amazing stuff. Great music period... but the message and content is truly what makes it beautiful! It is simply inspiring." -Jin (former Ruff Ryder Recording artist)

"Brought, the TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ! Awesome."

Pastor - Springfield, MO

"In Point5's music, you can just feel the annointing of God! It's powerful. I don't feel that with other Christian rap artists!"-Ralph(Fan)

"Lyrics to Live by!"- IN Magazine

"Point5 is off the chain, his gift is very annointed and powerful"-Pastor E. St. Louis, IL

"The words "It's dark I can't see but I believe that your Son will come shine on me" is something I will sing everyday in my CELL." - Fan


1. Point5 has a sound for all ages.

2.The Anointing.

3.Every song is saturated with Scripture.

4. Point5 is someone that people can relate to.

5. Point5 is a laborer

Point5 meets people where they are to help them see that Jesus loves Everyone! Instead of talking at them, he talks to the people and actually takes the time to hang out and get to know the people he ministers to and with! He is usually one of the first to show up and the last to leave and event!

Point5 is a graduate of The Chaplain Service Institute, and has also recieved his Bachelor's of Science degree in Speech Communcation (Corporate/Organizational Communication) with a Religious Studies Minor, a Chaplain's Assistant in the Air National Guard, President of Pure Productions/PMG and founder of WeLivePure.com. "It's not just about what you say but what you do."

Every line of Every song represents a portion of what God has done...each song is filled with scriptures, testimonies, and teachings of our relationships with God and Christ!

Whereas many artists focus on writing the next "hit song" Point5 focuses on spending time before the face of God. Fervant prayer and study accompany all that Point5 does... "My ministry is God's Ministry. Spirit led. If the Holy Ghost isn't there, I don't wanna be!" When Point5 performs/ministers you can feel the      anointing of God as the spirit does His thing. Anointing changes lives in a way     that talent could never do.

Although Point5 is a rap artist, he often does not have a "rap" or "hip hop" sound. Some of Point5's biggest fans are people who admit they don't even really like rap music!