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Being "almost famous" seemed to get Point5 the exact lifestyle he had always dreamed of. "I was spending everyday in the studio, the strip clubs, and at parties”, he explains, “The thing that I didnt realize was that disappointment and depression were all a part of the package." Terrance (aka Point 5) quickly found himself trying to escape the lifestyle. "All I wanted was to feel happy again. I would walk around with a smile on my face but it was just a front because I was broken inside. I had become a horrible person. The enemy had used the music game to tear me apart."

  "Then it hit me”, he continues, “this is what the enemy does...He sold me a lie. He had me thinking that this was the life but it was all a misconception." Point5 immediately tried to escape his problems by moving from Texas to St. Louis, and beginning college. Thinking that a new environment would be enough to get his life on track and find happiness, he walked away from his record deal, his friends, and his money. After failing at finding happiness countless times, Point5 was asked by a co-worker if he was, "a man of God." This question caused Point5 to thoroughly examine his methods of obtaining what he wanted in life. "I had tried everything but Jesus; I thought I was strong enough to handle my problems on my own, but I was wrong. I needed help...I needed JESUS! At that moment, I gave God an honest commitment. I confessed my sins and trusted Jesus to change my life"


Point5 was reborn and given a PASSION to serve God with diligence, sincerity, and consistency. "I was given a heart to want to change the world for God's glory”, he says, “I immediately began evangelizing and witnessing to everyone I met, and in my first week, I won three people to the Lord. As far as my music goes... I am STILL just the opening act! I usher people into the presence of the Lord and HE takes it from there.” Point5 delivers captivating lyrics with a demanding delivery that entices his audience into viewing God in a new light.  The God that Point5 serves is, “too awesome for me to be anything less than great!” This attitude becomes evident in the way that Point5 carries himself on and off stage. His clever, flashy lyrics, energetic delivery, and enigmatic performance all unite to bring today’s uninterested society what they need most.


Point5 is motivating, inspiring, and a living testimony to the joy of the Lord Jesus Christ. Unlike the rest of the hip hop community, Point5’s lyrics are not focused on girls, bling or fancy cars. Unlike the rest of the Christian rap community, Point5’s lyrics are not aimed at impressing the industry or making a name for CHH. It is about a revolutionary new way to live. A way that says, “Yeah I might be cool, but it’s because I SERVE CHRIST.” This message doesn’t just give people a love for God, but it inspires them to brag about what God has done in their lives as a miracle worker! The lyrics are concise and understandable, and there is no need to struggle to understand the message that is being given. In a world that is truly dying for a change, change is what is needed. Point5 is that change!

The Testimony